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Q: I would travel across the country, just to see you perform your stand up comedy set and then buy you all the starbucks and taco bell you want

Marry me?

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Q: Did you go into porn with the mindset of making a career out of it? I'd assume lots of girls get into the business not really knowing what they're getting themselves into, and they probably quit early on, but you seem more serious about it. Would you ever want to branch out and do other things like Jessie Andrews or other pornstars have? Also how did you get in the business were you approached orrr...?

It took me about a year of wanting to join the industry before I actually did it. I knew it was a lifestyle choice I was making. I didn’t randomly join without putting any thought into it. Yes, I do want to do other things eventually in life. Porn is a gateway to a lot of new things and who knows what the future has in store for me, so we will see. But for now porn is just right.

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Q: Would you ever have sex with a fan? & no not a celing fan

If I’m having sex with you, you better be a fan of mine. But no, I would not have sex with a random internet stranger that enjoys jacking off to me.

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