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may, 2014

"   I call him “Daddy,” and as you might suspect, there are aspects of power exchange in our relationship. I am his. My body is his, my mouth, vagina, and asshole are his – and my heart is his. Awareness and involvement are important to both of us. If the cute girl at my favorite lingerie shop flirts with me, and I flirt back, I tell him. If I want to kiss someone or have sex with another person, I tell him. When I go to work and have a really fun sex scene, I tell him about it in detail, while I’m sitting on his dick that night. If I want to masturbate, I ask permission and frequently describe what’s going through my head at the time or send him pictures. I always thank him for each orgasm. In a different but very much equal way, he treats me with the same respect. Through trial and error, this is what we’ve decided works for our relationship.   "
Stoya on her relationship with James Deen (via masturbationdestination)